Sunday, January 13, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Five

Every day, whether I mention it or not I am warmed up with hot water bottles, massaged with arnica oil and stretched. This morning Nico spent some extra time on my feet.

Nico pointed out that I still have a primitive or baby reflex called the Babinski Reflex. My big toe points upwards when I try to use my foot. It stops me from maintaining correct foot position by making my toes and foot point down. This is called Plantar flexion. You can see a little bit of what he did to counter this in the photo at the top of the page. He bent my big toe down and put some pressure on my heel. When he did this my feet naturally into dorsiflexion. When he did this it broke the reflex.

The weights are still a big effort for me to do.

And they are terribly exhausting!

Before I start with the exercises I am weighed down by sand bags. This stops me from compensating for my weaker muscles with my stronger ones.

I even tried 4.5 kg on my legs today!!! I did a few pushes with it before Nico made it a bit lighter for me.

I pushed against Nico again today. I am going to have some very strong core muscles when I am finished!

I sneak a little rest when ever I can. The weights really take it out of me!

Also walked with the walker today, but since Mummy had to hold it for me to stop it from running away there are no good photos..

15 hours or one week down... Thank goodness for 2 days rest...


  1. You are fabulous. Your core muscles will be stronger than mine! Bravo!

  2. Hi,

    He is doing excellent! I'd like to get in contact with you as my son has CP and I am very interested in the Therasuit!


  3. Hi Sarah!

    It is a wonderful, but very strenuos therapy. We have had some promising results so far with Blaise. I would love to chat with you! You can email me at or my mobile is 0407324222. We also have a facebook page :)

    Dawn :)