Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Twelve

Warming up with Nico. He warms me up with hot water bottles to release my muscles, then he rubs me all over with Arnica oil.

I am learning a new exercise where I push down on my arm. This is my first day doing this. I don't have a splint on or anything and I can push down 1kg of weight with my right arm.

I am pushing my leg down at the same time.

I find these exercises so exhusting that I even pause for a little rest in between!

We moved on to the exercise ball before putting on the suit. It is hard work for me to lift my body up off the ball - but I managed to do a few.

I am also starting to shift my weight from my arms to my legs in four point and I am rocking backwards and forwards on my own

I did some sit to stand exercises on the bench

And even some standing up!!

I can push on my right leg and get myself into a standing position
Spinning in the chair will help to stimulate my vestibular system. It makes me a bit scared being dizzy though!

 I am lucky to have Corey cheering me on. My steps are getting better and better.

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