Monday, January 14, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Six

 This was a big, BIG day of firsts and improvements!!! This is me being warmed up with towels and hot water bottles.

Then I was massaged and stretched.

 My arms are splinted and then wrapped for 3 reasons...
1- the wrapping stops the splints from bending so my arms stay as straight as possible
2 - it gives deep proprioception through my arms with extra pressure
3 - It stops the velcro from scratching

 Today I had 1kg on my arm and 2kgs on my leg.

 This exercise is still MIGHTY hard! I had 3.5kgs on my legs...

 The pushing exercises are still hard too, especially after the tiring exercise before.

This is a new big deal for today!! I have BALANCE in four point!!!!
I did some cross patterning too, where I move my right arm to my left leg and my left arm to my right leg.
Today I even sprung up into a standing position with only a light touch from Nico! Another big IMPROVEMENT!!

 This is another MAJOR achievement for me today!! I KICKED THE BALL!!! Multiple times with both legs! I even had 1kg of weight strapped to my right foot that made it harder.

We also did walking with a walker. I took a few pretty good steps!!


  1. I wish you all the best, we are on similar journeys with our precious ones.

  2. Aw honey you rock my world! Sending lots of good vibes.

  3. Good vibes are always appreciated!
    I will pop by athomewithcp too, thanks for sharing your own journey with us.