Saturday, January 12, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Three

 I am starting to get upset as soon as I am put on to the table to start a hard days work. I know what is ahead of me now

 Even though the massage and the warming up process doesn't hurt, I am still not keen for Nico to start

 The weights on my arms are such hard work for me and I try so very, very hard.

 I have started not to cry so much during this ball exercise. It is one of the easier exercises for me. Especially when I am using my left leg.

 Around 8.30 am I stopped for some food. Mummy hopes it will help with my energy levels. Mmmm... mashed banana...

 This exercise still takes every single ounce of my energy. Mummy has never seen me try so hard at anything before.

 I almost have no energy to do the exercise where I have to push against Nico

In between exercises I have even started to snatch little snippets of rest where I can.

 Before moving onto the hard task of four point. I can see the use in doing this exercise. The other day Mummy saw me accidentally push up at home with out thinking. It was only very briefly - but I used it.

 I also did a little bit of cross patterning while I was stretching. I bring my right arm to my left leg and then switch to moving my left arm to my right leg.

 In this exercise Nico is showing me how to bend my leg and move it forward like taking a step.

 To finish the session I walked about 5 metres to Mummy. I took a few good steps - including some with my right leg. There was even an extra 2 kilos of weight strapped to my right leg!!

 I fell straight to sleep as soon as I was finished at 10.30

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