Saturday, January 19, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Nine

When I was warming up and stretching this morning there were brief moments when I didn't cry.

Releasing my left arm is something I have never really had done before. Using my triceps all together is something very different to what I am used to.

 All this weight lifting is starting to hep me develop some pretty big calf and thigh muscles too. Not that they are huge by any means, but you can definitely feel that they are growing.

The weights on my arms are still a struggle, but I must confess that I am starting to get used to this one too.

As the exercises from the past week and a half get easier, Nico introduces new exercises for me. By putting pressure on my left side he gets me to use my strength to kick my right leg. You can see how hard this is for me, but I am completely capable of doing it.

 In this exercise today my legs weren't strapped together. This made kicking down a little bit harder because I had to be conscious of using both my legs together to have the strength to push the weights down.

 My sit to stand exercises are coming along nicely too.

Reach for the stars!! Corey is supporting me by my side.

More spinning to stimulate my vestibular system.

I finished the day with a few good steps in my walker, with Corey proudly beside me.

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