Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Fifteen

Warming up. When I am massaged more than stretched I really quite enjoy this! This is a photo of a stretch though.

I am being strapped into my gear and the weights are about to start.

I certainly am getting to know that I have a right side to me. My right arm and leg are starting to get some little muscles in them!

Nico is showing me how to use them. The same exercises on different days can activate different muscles depending on how I am strapped in and whether I am using splints or not.

One armed pushing! This isVERY hard for me. I am using only my right arm to push against Nico and activate my core muscles. It is so much harder when I don't have my stronger left side to compensate with.

And although all my photos of four point look almost identical, I am starting to get stronger with this one too.

Back in the spider... I am using my stepping action to kick the ball. I need to push up and take a big step to boot the ball.

Activating the vestibular system again.
Stepping to Mummy before I go home. I am starting to get some pretty good and independent steps in. (I would still need Nico to help me though - I am a long way off using the walker and stepping by myself)

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