Sunday, January 20, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Ten

 I started today like every other day... Being warmed up and stretched.

 I did weights on my arms and legs. Nico took it easy on my right arm today. Mummy thought my right hand was a bit swollen and sore, she had strapped it the night before. I have never ever used it for anything so doing weights for 9 days before is a very new experience for me.

Even after just an hour or so in I am ready for a cat nap. Mummy stopped for a cuddle and I snuggled in for a little snooze while Nico strapped me into my next exercise.

I am moving on to using my muscles with out the 5.5kgs of weights attached to me. There is an elastic bungee attached to my knees that I am pushing against (the one attached to my feet is to make sure that my feet are straight). The tension and difficulty changes depending on where it is attached to on the cage above me.

 This exercise is still hard. The weight attached was 4.5kgs and I did have a bit of trouble lifting it off the floor today. I have done 5.5 kgs previously... perhaps the other exercises are taking it out of me... or maybe I am just tired... It is Friday after all, and I have been working hard all week!

This photo is actually very special. It might not look like much, but I am starting to put all my weight on my right leg instead of my left. I am starting to compensate for my left leg with my right... Something very good! I need to be able to shift my weight to alternate legs to be able to walk on my own.

 It's a little blurry, but I have my head up in four point too!!

I did some arm exercises and practiced my kicking in a corner before moving onto my walker to finish the day.

I took some very good steps. My best yet! Nico held me up around my ribs and I swung my legs all on my own.

I am the champion of the world!!! But very tired after it all...

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