Saturday, January 12, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Two

Each morning I am warmed up with hot water bottles to help my muscles release 

Then I am massaged all over my arms and legs with arnica oil and the hard work begins!

I work on moving my leg to the side to kick the ball to the side and off the table.

 And move on to doing weights with my arms, one arm at a time then both together

This exercise is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. I need to push my arms and legs down together and hold for the count of 10 seconds! It takes every ounce of my strength!

This one is hard for me too. I push with my arms against Nico's hands. This activates my triceps and core muscles and helps me to sit up using extension instead of flexion.

By the time I have finished with those last two exercises I am exhausted!

 But there is still lots of work left to be done before my three hours are up.

The dreaded four point position... probably my most disliked exercise... But I need to master this position if I am going to get up and crawling...

 We work on lots of positioning too. Nico suggested I learn to eat sitting in this position and to slowly intergrate some of these correct postural positions into my every day life. Eventually I won't think of these as work and they will start to come naturally.

We did some more strengthening exercises in the cage. This is called the spider - all the bungees are helping to keep my balance.

By the time 10.30 rolled around I was fast asleep again

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