Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Fourteen

Warming up, stretching and massage to start my day. Before I move on to weights on my arms and legs.

I am starting not to cry so much and to pay a little bit more attention. There are even times when I have  my eyes open!

This one is still so muh effort!

So is pushing down with my arms and legs

And especially this one. I can push 5.5kgs which is more than half my body weight!!

Four point! Practice is going to make perfect with this exercise! It is a very important one for me to learn.

I do some really great work in the spider. All the elastic bungees help me stay up straight and tall and it makes me use my legs to stay upright. My left arm is strapped down, which means I can only use my right arm to hold onto things and to push up on the cord while I bring my leg froward in a step

All these exercises are making me do some pretty good stepping. I don't even use the splints on my legs anymore! It is all me!!

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