Sunday, April 15, 2012

America Day 11 - Kaufman Center session 2

Today's session at the Kaufman Center seemed to be much better. A few things were explained and we could understand why they were doing the exercises before hand. I have been told several times by other therapists that I process my information through my vestibular system (this is done through movement). It was explained to me today that the vestibular system is like the main highway that transports all the information that is being sent through my nervous system. Most of the time my "highway" has traffic jams, and it makes it very hard for all the input (therapy) to merge on, so I can process and learn new skills.

Any kind of movement will stimulate the vestibular system. I started the session in a swing! I was swung backwards and forwards.

And around in circles!
I did some ball exercises too!

This put me in a pretty good mood and I didn't mind the therapy too much.

I love the vibrating toothbrush so much I can manage to hold on to it and put it in my mouth!
I also did more ice work - I am getting to really love this and it is to stimulate my tongue and lips!

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