Tuesday, April 17, 2012

America Day 13 - HBOT Sessions 24 & 25

Nothing much has been changing with my sessions. I am still pretty active in there! I have been noticing what is going on outside the chamber more too. Quite often someone will stop by and wave or tap on the glass and smile.  I didn't have any issues this morning.
In the afternoon I went in with Daddy and I fell straight to sleep cuddled on his chest under a blanket. Out of the blue I woke up screaming. I had my fingers in my mouth and I was dribbling. I had been fine for the last few sessions with out my teething gel, Mummy was so surprised that I had sore teeth! I howled so much Daddy asked to be brought out 16 mins early. I was so  hysterical I was starting to gulp on my spit and because it takes us 15 minutes to depressurise Daddy thought it best that we come out in case I made myself sick.

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