Friday, April 20, 2012

America day 15 - Kaufman Center Session 5

I have been loving speech therapy! It always starts with my favourite things to do! Swinging and bouncing!

There is a bit of side lying in there too, to help loosen me up

This is a frozen go gurt tube and the whole purpose of this one is to get me to crunch it with my teeth and eat it. You can see I am getting pretty good lip seal by the shape of my mouth. This is exactly whay we are trying to achieve.

The main thing Mummy and Daddy would like me to achieve is to drink from a straw, so I am working hard to learn to suck and I am on my way!

The hour was finished up with a reward. The Z vibe. I have finally remembered the techinical name for the vibrating toothbrush! I love this one!

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