Wednesday, April 11, 2012

America Day 7 - TheraSuit session 6

We have been working a lot on four point exercises and weight bearing. It has been lots easier on me if I do them on the rocking board. It is definately something I will need to invest in when we get home. They should be easy enough to make ourselves.

This is the long rocker. I really need a long one and a short one, depending on the exercise.

This is me long sitting and weight bearing on my arms. I have sand bags on my legs to help me keep my position and the rocking movement stops me from crying. I really hate this exercise when I am on the table, but it makes it a little bit fun to do it this way. This is a side to side rock.

This is the small rocker and I do a front to back rocking motion. I do this one on my hands and knees.

And I always work on my standing and muscle strength!

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