Wednesday, April 11, 2012

America Day 7 - The Kaufman Center

I had an initial evaluation at the Kaufman Children's Center (for speech, language, sensory-motor, and social connections) and they are going to help me with my sucking and chewing.

I sat in a little chair and a lady called Jessica did my assessment.

She tested my eating, and how I take my food off the spoon. I am still usng my teeth at the moment to scrape the food off the spoon. I still need to work on my lip seal.
She was happy and surprised with the spoon size I could manage though! She tested my drinking ability too.
Jessica was even game enough to put her fingers in my mouth to feel along my gums and teeth! She had cherry flavoured gloves! They were pink!

And she introduced me to this rubber vibrating toothbrush! One of the best things I have ever used! I couldn't get enough. It was so great I managed to put it in my mouth on my own! The vibration felt wonderful in my mouth, teeth and jaw.

I have a few issues with my mouth. Due to my spasticity I have trouble moving my lips, tongue and jaw. I can bite down, but once I do I don't release. I can manage to move my tonge from side to side and in general Jessica said I was much better than she was expecting. Which is good!

We are going to work on sucking and chewing. To suck from a straw and maybe one day chew something a bit harder and crunchier would be a massive goal to achieve!

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