Thursday, April 12, 2012

America day 9 - Kaufman Center Session 1

Today was my first therapy session at the Kaufman Center. Our session was with Chris. To be very honest, I am not sure what  Mummy and Daddy thought of it...

We were booked in for Speech therapy, so I could learn to suck and chew, but Chris was an OT...

I was put in a Benik suit. It is made from wet suit material that is supposed to help with muscle control

And he did some ball exercises with me.

We did move on to some mouth exercises. Chris is rubbing ice around my mouth to stimulate some lip and tongue reactions and movement. I liked it so much I grabbed for it.

One of the exercises we did was popping a bubble on my lips. This is to help me learn to seal my lips closed. An automatic reaction is to squeeze my lips closed when it pops!

All in all, I am not really sure about the Kaufman Center... We are booked for some more appointments, so we will see what happens as we go along.

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