Tuesday, April 17, 2012

America Day 13 - TheraSuit Session 11

What a MASSIVE change today has brought!! Out of the blue I found lots of exercises much easier - I even might have enjoyed them!

Look Mummy! The wedge only goes to my belly and my splints are gone! Chris only had his hands there lightly, this was all me!

I even discovered that I can use my hands to help push my legs down!

I could even balance and rock on my arms whilst sitting! All unsplinted!

I stood up for 20mins, a Blaise record! I have been moved out of the corner on to a wedge. You can't really see it from this photo, but a wedge gives me support behind my bottom, but not much behind my back, so there are lots more muscles I need to use to keep myself up. If I swayed to the side, I corrected myself. I even managed to eat my lunch while I was at it, plus I leaned towards the spoon! I didn't just open my mouth and the food fell in.
It was such a great session! The only problem I had was with four point. It is so hard to master, and at the moment my least favourite thing to do!

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