Tuesday, April 10, 2012

America Day 7 - HBOT 12 &13

We are trying to get into a pattern. I will go in the chamber in the mornings with Mummy and with Daddy in the afternoons.
This morning I was such a wriggle worm again! I am making my way all over the chamber and I am making Mummy move around to accomodate me! Sheila (the technician from Oxford Hyperbarics) came around to see what I was doing - I was trying to sit up at the time, and she cheered me on and gave me a big thumbs up!

All bright eyed in with Mummy (9/4/12)

And this afternoon I went in with Daddy, so Mummy gave me a bit of teething gel before we went in. It is really hard on Daddy when I cry and I have been having trouble with my teeth whilst I am in there. I did end up crying for the last bit of the hour though. Not because of my teeth, but because I had had enough of being in there for today. Today was an extra long day because we have also added in a new therapy to my daily routine.

Very ready to come out! Depressurising with Daddy

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