Wednesday, April 4, 2012

America Day 2 - HBOT session 2

I went in with Daddy again this morning (Tuesday) and I was CRANKY!!! I screamed so badly that Daddy asked to be taken out. I was depressurised so Daddy could get out and Mummy could get in. I don't know why I am so cranky. Perhaps I am missing home and everything familiar.
When Mummy got in with me I was happy again. I made not one sound... I just snuggled in and off we went, I felt so happy started to tell Mummy what I had to say. (I don't really have words to say, just my special noises I make when I am happy)

We were pressurised to 1.75atms today and tomorrow we will be treated at 2.0atms. I can't wait to see what difference this might make.

In with Daddy....

Out with Mummy...

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