Thursday, April 19, 2012

America Day 14 - TheraSuit Session 12

After the great day I had on Monday, we moved it up a notch, so it was LOTS harder today!

Hip abduction exercises were on the list today. A brand new exercise where I move my leg out to the side. The goal was to kick the ball off the table and on to the floor. It was very hard. As much as I tried I could only tap the ball a little way, but with some help the ball went crashing to the floor.

I did another new exercise where I simulated walking. I lifted and pushed down with my left leg,

And did it again straight after with my right.

I stood  up on my feet for a long time! It was a new record!

It was nearly an hour on my feet! And look at my legs! I have extra resistance on my legs now, so I need to push up with  my legs to stand up. My leg muscles are starting to bulid too.

It is really tough work...

It was so, so nice to sit down!

It was such a busy day!

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