Wednesday, April 4, 2012

America Day 2 - TheraSuit Session 2

Today was more of the same as yesterday. I was warmed up and I cried, I was stretched and I cried, I was splinted and I cried... There were still somethings I didn't mind though.

We did do some new things today, although nothing wearing the TheraSuit yet.

This is the cage that we use for my therapies. It has everything you could need attached to the inside. It is pretty ingenious!

This is the "spider". A series of elastic cords that can be adapted to support me in lots of different positions. It will also help me to learn balance. I can lean one way just enough so that I can correct myself

Sitting and bouncing! It also helps support me through sit to stand exercises.

I did a few other special things today too. I did lots of weight bearing through my arms and legs and I tried my first walking frame. It was a little big and I was tired but I still had a go.

Chris seems to think that my feet and legs are pretty good and that I could perhaps get by without wearing splints. I am keeping them on for now though, this will help to strengthen my back because this is what I need to use to keep myself up while my legs are straight.

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