Monday, April 9, 2012

American Fun!

Not all of my time here has been completely about work! We have found some time on the side for the odd bit of fun!

Our hotel has a nice little playground and we spent a nice sunny afternoon lazing around while Corey ran through the playground. The sun wasn't as warm as it looks. There was a cool breeze blowing and the shadows were moving over very quickly. It was great to have a rest and do nothing for a bit!

And we had time for a Swim in the hotel's heated pool. It was a bit warm in the spa!

We went to a big easter egg hunt in a park at South Lyon. Corey held me so Mummy could take the photo of us with the easter bunny!

Both Corey and I went in the Easter egg hunt with all the other kids! Gosh it was crazy in there! It was broken up into age groups.

I got 2 eggs, but Corey was so speedy he filled his basket!! Each plastic egg had little eggs and chocolates or lollies inside!

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