Sunday, April 22, 2012

America Day 17 - TheraSuit Session 15

Today's session marks 3 weeks of intensive therapy at the Pediatric Fitness Center. A total of 45 hours of hard work.
This is Chris working on my leg muscles, he is showing me how my legs need to move to walk.
 Lift, pull up and push forward and down.

Then we moved on with reciprical leg exercises, one leg lifts and pushes the weight down, then the other does the same straight after.

I am working on rolling to my right and pushing up to elbow prop. I can do this pretty well already with my left, but my right side is so weak, I barely use it

Everyday I am getting better with my balance. The exercises are getting easier every day for me to do. When I stand up nice and straight I can have a spoon of food - yes that is yoghurt on my face!

The day has been finishing on a high note! I am really loving going out on the bike!

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  1. I have been following Blaise's progress and really excited at how he's going. Go Blaise!