Wednesday, April 4, 2012

America Day 2 - HBOT session 3

Yes, I am such a busy little bee that I am doing 2 sessions of HBOT per day! I want so badly to get another 40 hour cycle under my belt. This will give me 80 hours total of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

It was my second session at 1.75atms and after we pressurised I went straight to sleep. I have been working so hard and I am still suffering from jet lag that I am just exhausted! Even Mummy fell asleep! An hour seems to be a very long time to lay still in one spot. Especially with two people inside.

The Hyperbaric Poos are back with a vengence! After only 2 sessions! Some of Mummy's friends might get great joy from the fact that I did my first little HBOT poo inside the chamber... Thank goodness it was only little! Luckily there was a blanket covering us and it smothered some of the smell. If you haven't had the pleasure of coming into contact with one they are very, VERY smelly. HBOT is great for a good detox! Actually this incident happened this morning but I forgot to mention it....

When we came out of the chamber I had a very yellow liquid running from my nose. Mummy mentioned this to Sheila (the lady here that runs the chambers) and she thinks that I am ridding an infection. Mummy agrees. We are all a bit sick from the lead up to our journey and with all the work we are doing and the time difference we haven't been able to recouperate.

Under my eyes is also starting to turn black - another sign of detox. Mummy has never seen them so dark. It must be from the higher pressure I am being treated at.

Daddy was very happy with himself for snapping this photo of us sleeping!

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