Thursday, April 5, 2012

America Day 3 - TheraSuit session 3

Today I was in good spirits! I smiled at Chris and hardly cried. He warmed me up and I got to try the TheraSuit!
It is strapped on in 2 pieces and then elastic bands are strapped on in front of the muscles that need support.

Chris is making some adjustments to the back of my suit

It helps me to learn to stand big and tall and on my own.

And to sit up like a big boy!

AND would you believe I am learning to WALK!!!

It is wonderful to be surrounded with people that are so positive!! Chris mentioned that my legs are so strong that he doesn't think they need to be splinted to support me. He is splinting me for now though to help to strengthen the muscles in my bottom and lower back. You can see where he has his hands on me, this where I need to strengthen.

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