Wednesday, April 18, 2012

America Day 13 - Kaufman Center Session 3

Today was a great day for Speech Therapy too! Like Friday, I started with some vestibular exercises-

Swinging in the swing

And bouncing on the ball!

And the vibrating toothbrush (I think it might have a technical name too!) is always fun. This one has a different head - it is a dog and it will eventually help me to seal my lips.

They even had me try listening to a special kind of music. It is something that is supposed to help me develop a breathe, suck, swallow pattern to help me with my drinking. This cd had flutes playing. I didn't particularly like wearing the headphones!

The most exciting thing that happened this session was that I managed to suck from a straw! It was a special one way straw so I didn't need to suck as much to get the water from the bottom of the cup. When I stopped sucking the water didn't slip back down. There was also a button on the lid of the cup that could be pressed and would suck water up with out me trying. Just to give me the idea.

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  1. it is great to see our yng hero going through his challengers. can't wait for his return home