Thursday, April 26, 2012

America Day 19 - TheraSuit Session 16

Mummy hasn't been taking as many photos as usual this week, it is her week to learn all my exercises so she has been working too!
This is me practicing my power kicks. I need to lift up, and push down like I am taking a step. The weight around my ankle is to help my muscles grow big and strong!

I was tired today and being strapped up to do some work in the spider was not what I wanted to do

And to top it all off we worked on four point. Chris mentioned that he has never come across anyone that disliked doing four point as much as me!

Trying to support my own weight all by myself is hard. I need to learn to hold on to a bar and hold myself up independently before I can learn to use a walker and take steps on my own

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  1. Looking good, how long has you got left? Haven't been on here lately, been out of action with a frozen back. - Andrea