Saturday, April 28, 2012

America Day 22 - Kaufman Center Session 9

This is my very last session at the Kaufman Children's Center. I have had 9 sessions and Mummy has learned some pretty handy tips. Before we left today, we were given an exercise routine to follow. Something that we can keep going with at home. Jessica was very keen for Mummy to keep in touch and said to let her know if we needed any help and that when I master these techniques to send her a video and she will write me a new programme.

Starting the day with some vestibular stimulation

I ate some banana

And popped some bubbles with my lips

And practiced my sucking from a straw.


  1. Hi, haven't seen all your sessions yet and wondered if you have had any hydrotherapy yet? I am sure you would love the floating sensation and you could also blow some bubbles in the pool too (from your mouth of course....teehee!)

  2. Hi, we go swimming once a week. I do love to float and I love the horsie rides we do on the pool noodle. Blowing bubbles (from my mouth :D) isn't something I have mastered yet :)