Thursday, September 12, 2013

HBOT (Block Three) Sessions 3 and 4

Today we are being treated at 1.75 ata (we are working our way up to doing 2.0ata) This morning was the same as yesterday. I slept right through! I did wake up with a bit of a surprise and a cry though when we were on the way out. I don't think I realised where I was.

But this afternoon was a much different story. I was awake! I was sitting up and wriggling all over the chamber. I was bouncing and rocking and not sitting still. I noticed Daddy right away when he came to take my photo too.
Last night Daddy noticed that I was starting to look black under my eyes. This is a clear sign for me that I am about to detox- HBOT is great for detoxing. I haven't done a hbot poo yet... You can tell the HBOT is starting to work because my nappies become exceptionally stinky.

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