Friday, September 20, 2013

Kaufman Center - Day 9

 Look at me sitting up! Every day I get better and better.

 Jess is trying me on chunks of banana now, instead of mashed. I can handle it ok and although I don't really like to, I can already bite from a banana and eat it if I am hungry. Jess is working on feeding me with little forks. I need to learn how to eat small chunky mouth fulls. Foods that need to be chewed.
 I listened to some more music for my vestibular system. I quite like it now. I hated it last year! It is easy to see how I have grown with this.
 I tried to escape from the swing though and I wanted to play on the floor!

So Jess got me a big fluffy cushion and we did some more Z-Vibe and some craniosacral therapy to finish up the day.

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