Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kaufman Center - Day 13

 Jessica and I started our session in the swing. I love the swing!

 We worked on chewing frozen blueberries with my back molars. I wasn't as cooperative as I was the other day, but I still managed to do a couple of good chews.

 Each afternoon when I go in there is a table full of goodies for me to try. In the bowl there are frozen strawberries and frozen blueberries.

 There were crispy chicken nuggets, waffle, veggie sticks (like chips) carrot, celery, cucumber and apple sticks.

 I didn't care much for trying the new food today. I wanted to stick with my Z-Vibe.

 We are also starting to work on verbal communication. I really love to swing and Jess is prompting me to say "Oh" as in "Go" I did this a few times!!!

 I wasn't too interested when Jess tried to get me to blow into the recorder. I tried to push her away BUT when she didn't give it back I sat bolt upright and reached for her. I reached so hard I fell out of the swing! She had to race forward and catch me!

And look what I wanted to do! I put that recorder right to my mouth. I didn't blow, I just wanted it in there. Another really great day of therapy.

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