Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TheraSuit September 2013 - Day 11

 Mondays are hard. After a weekend of no hard work, getting back to work takes some getting used to.

 This week Nico is using the arnica oil again instead of the acupuncture. So we are back to more deep massage and stretching.

 The reciprocal leg movements are hard and a little bit jerky this morning. There is 6 kgs on each leg.

 Some more glute exercises were on the agenda today too. There were 5 kgs of weights that I had  to work with and pulling them straight down (in line with my feet) is super hard. Much harder than pulling them from behind my head like I was doing.

 The vibration exercises still make me cry. My left hand is more open than it has been though and Mummy just has to open my pinky from my fist and my hand will open flat. I don't fight it as much.

 I am doing weight transferance exercises too. I am lifting each leg up one at a time and putting all my weight on one leg, then switching.

 Nico is helping me to use my right arm more. He is showing me that elbow propping and pushing up on my right arm will help me to sit up too. I only use my left arm for everything so this is a big sensory change for me.

 We are still working on transitioning from a sitting to crawling position too.

I finished the day up with some walking. Okay steps with no support on my legs. There were a few jumps in there though, where I tried to step with both feet at the same time.

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