Friday, September 20, 2013

TheraSuit September 2013 - Day 9

 Good morning! Time for acupuncture. This helps to release my muscles. Nico works on my para sympathetic system, my thumb, bicep, on my chest and around my ankle and up my calf. All on my right side.

 Nico is working very hard for me to be able to learn to use my right side.

 The reciprocal exercises were easier again today. Much smoother than yesterday. 6 kgs on each leg was not too bad today.

My hands were a little bit more open today on the vibration machine. I still did clench them on an off though and someone had to help me re open them.

I did some standing on the machine today too. I swayed from side to side, putting all my weight on my right foot and then leaning to the other side and putting all my weight on my left.

Nico also suspended me from a harness and had me practice my crawling hands.

I did some sit to stand exercises too.

And worked on using my right arm to initiate sitting up. This was very odd for me. I use my left all the time - never my right side.

Surfer Blaise! This is still going to take practice. It is one crazy ride!
I finished up my day with some more walking. I didn't have my suit legs on again today. I need to work on using my own strength to get me places.

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