Tuesday, September 17, 2013

TheraSuit September 2013 - Day 4

 I am getting to be a pro when it comes to the ETPS. It doesn't bother me like it did at the start.

I do not like having my thumb worked on though.

  My thigh muscles are already starting to get good an big. All this work is going to give me great legs!

 The abductor exercises are still lots of effort and I am much stronger with my left than my right.

 Corey came in to help Nico with my suit. I am getting so tall! I will be as tall as Corey one day!

 I did some ball work today too. Here I am leaning on my arms to hold myself upright, I also did some exercises where I had my belly on the ball and I needed to lift my head up.

 Nico is really pushing me hard with my weight bearing and four point. He really believes that I can do this on my own. One day I will show him that I can.

 I was on a peanut ball with a bench either side of me. I needed to push up into a standing position with my legs and hold myself there with my arms. This is exactly what I will need  to do to use a walker on my own.

Stand up, hold myself up and step.. those are the goals!

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  1. Really enjoying seeing your blog Dawn. It is giving us the inspiration to get Ryder there. I have put my application in to Michigan and now have to get them his xray on hips. Blaise is doing so well, very interesting pictures. Will keep watching. Janene- Tiaro, Qld.