Monday, September 16, 2013

Kaufman Center - Day 2

 The way they like to start my sessions at the KCC is in a swing. This helps to stimulate my vestibular system. It was described to us last year in a very good way. The vestibular system is like a major highway. It carries all the important information that my body needs to process, like a highway carries cars. If the highway is congested the cars (information) can not get where it needs to go, and with children like me who have CP this highway is always clogged. Spinning and swinging clears the highway and helps to allow the information to go where it needs to go.
 Jessica is trying to get me to cross the midline with my left arm and to put the ring on the hat. I wasn't very interested in doing this, but she made me have a few goes.

 She has put me in a special blue suit today to help with trunk pressure and control. She has discovered that I LOVE to swing and I would be happy all day if I could just do this with a Z-Vibe in my mouth. The Z-Vibe vibrates and has different attachments that can help me with my lip closure and positioning.

 I briefly played with this toy. I did give it a good push down, but it wasn't very interesting for me, so we moved on.

We finished up the day back in the swing. I did some absolutely BRILLIANT work. I swapped my favoured Z-Vibe for a chewy tube - and I was happy to do it. Jess asked me to swap and I listened. I followed a command about 5 times!!! This is a first for me! All she had to say was "my turn" and I took the Z-Vibe out of my mouth and let her put hers in. I even bit down on it like I was supposed to! This is going to help me to learn to chew and a strong jaw is essential for speaking and eating.

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