Friday, September 27, 2013

TheraSuit September 2013 - Day 13

It is Wednesday and I am back to the PFC to do some morning stretches.

I am working on building up the strength in my right arm. This also helps me with purposeful movement, because I am well aware that my right arm is there right now.
Sometimes during the reciprocal movement exercises I am lifting my leg up early and pushing back down before Mummy has a chance to put pressure on my hand.

I am working on my abductor exercises. I need to open up my legs and try to hold them

This exercise works on my glutes. I need to lift up my legs and bottom so I am lying almost flat.

I am getting good head lift in this exercise now. I am also doing a good job lifting my bottom up so I don't sag in the middle.

More and more of my time is being spent with my eyes open now. Some of the exercises I am starting to discover are not worth crying about. Just like this one.

Check out this lift I am getting! I am doing this fairly easily too. Such a big change from January.

Nico sure is working me hard on my arms and weight bearing!

Every spare second he has me doing this. I am never idle.

I am working on my right side elbow propping and learning how to push up into a sitting position.

Here I am in the spider. I am standing on a rocker board which helps me shift my weight from foot to foot. Just like I would have to do when I walk on my own.

Nico is having me work on kicking the ball. It is the same movement as taking a step. Moving my leg to the front from behind.

Working on some stepping. I'm not doing too badly considering that I have no support on my legs and I need to hold up and move my own body weight.

More Ugallop to finish the day. The last little bit of core activation.

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