Saturday, September 28, 2013

TheraSuit September 2013 - Day 14

We were back to doing the ETPS acupuncture. Nico thinks it helps a lot. If he had the time he would do a whole extra session of just this.

He does up and down my right arm and leg.

And then he works them hard.

The reciprocal exercises are becoming a daily exercise. 6 kgs on each leg.

 This exercise is for hip stabilisation. It will help me to control my hips and be able to correct them when I sway from side to side when I stand up.

 And although I still hate doing four point  - especially on the vibration machine, look how strong I am getting.  I can hold my head up high!

 Standing on the vibration machine, I can feel my muscles right up my body.

 My weak right arm is not as weak as it was when we started. I still don't like to use it, but I am starting to when Nico wants me to. Look at my push up on my sleepy arm!!

 We moved away from four point today and concentrated more on the walking.

I can take some pretty good and controlled deliberate steps. With out the suit, or splints on my legs, I can support my own body weight.

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