Friday, September 20, 2013

TheraSuit September 2013 - Day 8

It is 8.30 am and I am ready to start my day. It has been a while since Nico used arnica oil as part of the routine. He has been sticking to heat packs and following up with electro magnetic acupuncture.
Nico worked on a couple of different places today too. He did a few points on my scalp and on my face between my eyes.

I have moved up to 6 kgs per leg now. It was hard, but I managed.

The reciprocal exercises were hard too. My movements weren't as smooth as the day before.

Nico made this exercise harder too. He changed the point that the weights were anchored to. Normally I pull the weights from behind me, today I pulled them from directly above me. Much harder.

I can reach pretty well with my left arm, so we are working hard on reaching with  my right.

Nico is putting pressure on my left arm that makes me want to reach with my right. I don't like this exercise, so I have to try to get away!

I really don't like weight bearing on my right arm. I was supposed to push up with both arms here, but I compensate a LOT with my left. As you can see I don't like to put my right arm down.

I did some more work on the UGallop today too. It is good for working on my core muscles and balance.

So is the USurf. I was pretty good at this one today. Look at that surfer pose!

We finished up with some more walking. Today I had my suit legs on for a bit of resistance and support


  1. Really loving all the pictures of the TheraSuit program! Go Blaise! If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

  2. Thanks Lori-ann. We are dreaming big! :D