Monday, September 16, 2013

TheraSuit September 2013 - Day 3

It's day three and I am not as hesitant about doing therapy as I was in January. There is something that has changed about me. I am starting to pay attention to what is going on, instead of instantly crying.

 Mind you, I still do cry! I didn't want to bend my leg up and put it down how Nico was showing me.

 And now Nico is training Mummy with exercises to do with the weights. Mummy can feel her own muscles that she didn't know she had. It is tough work for those that are giving the therapy too! I am one strong little boy!

 I am working on reciprocal leg exercises. Moving each leg in a stepping motion while at the same time alternating my arms. I have 5 kgs on each leg!

 Nico is working hard on my arms. I have never done much work with my arms before, so this should hopefully help to make them big and muscley and strong.

 We worked more on my glutes too.

 As well as more weight bearing on the vibrating plate. I am doing a good job in this photo. My bottom is nice and high. I just need to open up my left hand more.

 I am big and tall when I stand up now, and I could see this easily if I could bear to open my eyes!

 I did some more ball exercises too. I need some reminding with this exercise. I could do some pretty good kicks in the last block I did.

 AND my four point!! Look at that balance!! At the start of the year I had to have sand bags on my legs and it took both Nico and Mummy to do this exercise. I can move my left leg forward much better and I am even trying to move my left arm. I try to move it backwards instead of forwards, but this is a good start for day 3.

 I did some more squat to stand exercises too. These are super tough for me to do!

We ended the day with some stepping. Nico said that I have a really good step pattern, which isn't always common in kids with CP. Lean, lift step forward and put my heel down first, before stepping off with my toes.

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