Wednesday, September 18, 2013

TheraSuit September 2013 - Day 5

 I have been spending lots more time during therapy with my eyes open. I seem to be taking everything in that is going on around me

 Every day Nico does ETPS acupuncture on my right side. I like him working on my thumb the least. It is such a funny feeling!

 My right side is being heavily worked on. I have 5.5 kgs attached to my leg that I need to push down. It is very hard for me.

 Elvis stopped in today and he helped Nico with an exercise. I had .5 kgs on each arm and I needed to pull my arms from the sides and touch them in the middle. Crossing the midline (the centre of my body) is very important.

 I am working hard on abductor exercises. My right leg is hard to get to move outwards to kick the ball off the table. My first reaction when I try to use it is to pull my leg inwards instead of outwards.

 I am working o transitioning from sitting, into a crawling position. I hope all the information Nico is giving  me might mean that I will be able to do this on my own very soon.

 This is lots of sensory input for me. It makes me cry lots. Depending on which speed the machine is running at, I can feel the vibrations in different muscles.

 Now this exercise I didn't mind! This is the UGallop. It simulates the movement of a horse, plus some side to side movements. It makes me need to stabilise my trunk and correct my balance. I was sitting big and tall and even held onto the bar myself with nice open hands!

The USurf was a different story! It wobbled crazily all over the place and Nico made me do squat to stand exercises. Talk about hard and scary. We will see if this exercise gets easier. 
Today marks my first week of TheraSuit completed. Another 3 left to go!

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