Friday, September 27, 2013

TheraSuit September 2013 - Day 12

I am back to doing some warm up stretches with Nico and being warmed up and rubbed with arnica oil

Nico is really pushing my right side. This exercise is all about my right arm. He is getting me to push 0.5 kilo down with my sleepy arm. This is something a little new. Usually Nico gets me to push my leg down by putting pressure on my right arm, now he puts pressure on my right leg so I will push my right arm down.

The reciprocal exercises are still a daily thing. I am starting to get really solid quad muscles and my calves are getting so big that Mummy can't reach to close her fingers around them now.

I am doing some "snow angel" exercises too. When my arms are down I need to open my legs and when my arms are up I close them.

Lately I have been becoming much more alert during therapy. Today I didn't even close my eyes when the suit was being put on me. Normally I use this time for a bit of a power nap, but not today!

And even though I am crying in this photo, I have good neck strength. Look how high I can hold my head up!

Even when I stand on the vibration plate I am not crying so much. By standing with my arms strapped to my side, it makes me very aware of my legs and bottom.

I am learning to sit up using my right side too. Normally I use my left arm only  - for everything, but Nico is showing me how I can use both.

I did some work today in the spider too. I did ball exercises and worked on kicking the soccer ball while standing up.

I finished up the session on the Ugallop. This helps me to stabilise myself by using my core muscles and helping me learn balance

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