Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kaufman Center - Day 1

Today we got back into some speech and oral motor therapy at the Kaufman Children's Center. We are working with Jessica, the therapist we had for our last visit.
Right away she noticed how my lip movements had improved for the better. She even thinks that it is time to start on making sounds! We worked on making the "mmm" sound and bringing my bottom lip up to close on my top lip. She did this by putting a spoon of food in my mouth and making me clear the spoon with my lips instead of using my teeth.

There was even some cool little clear plastic tubes called "bite tubes" that she had me close my lips around. The tubes fogged up with the warmth of my breath. This is a good tool for helping me to learn to make vowel sounds and even teaching me how to blow. Yes! One day I might be able to blow out my candles on my birthday cake!

 Bite Tubes

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