Thursday, September 19, 2013

TheraSuit September 2013 - Day 6

 I am trying to be so brave during the first hour of therapy. I still do not like the ETPS acupuncture very much, but I am trying to not think about it

 The stretching is still tough!

 I push 5.5 kgs on  my right leg. This works on my quadriceps and helps them get stronger so I can use them.

 Nico and Mummy work on my reciprocal patterning. There is 5.5kgs on each leg and I alternate pushing down. It's just like riding a bike or walking

 The abductor exercises are hard for me with my right leg. My first reaction is to pull my legs together. What I need to do is swing my leg outwards and kick the ball off the table.

 This exercise will help me when I learn to push up into four point. I am weight bearing on my arms and activating my core muscles.

 Nico is helping me to transition from sitting into a crawling position. He is showing me how I can do this myself and which muscles to use.

 I practice my crawling hands up a sloping wedge and back down again.

 And he is helping me to push up on my arms. I can do this ok with my left arm, but getting up on my right takes some effort. I did do it though!

To finish off the session I did some pretty good walking! There was nothing on my legs. No splints or suits, just me holding my own weight up and taking steps. Not bad for day 6!!!

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