Thursday, September 19, 2013

TheraSuit September 2013 - Day 7

 This is me getting warmed up before we start. The heat packs help my muscles to release so I can get more movement.

 The ETPS acupuncture has become part of my regular routine. It helps to activate or release my tight muscles depending on what setting Nico has it on

This ball is used to give my foot some sensory input.

I do some quadricep exercises. I have 5.5 kgs on my leg that I need to push down. My muscles are getting to be pretty big!

The reciprocal leg steps are getting easier for me to do. I have 5.5kgs on each leg and I managed quite well with these today. My movements are getting smoother and faster. 

The work is exhausting though. I am putting all my energy into giving every ounce of effort I have. I snatch a little break when ever I can.

My abductor exercises are doing really well. Today Corey stopped to play and caught the ball when I kicked it off. He put it back up so I could kick it again

My glute exercises have me pushing down 5.5 kgs.

Suit time! Look how big and tall I am standing!

I still don't like the sensation of the vibration through my arms either. Normally I love vibration, but it makes no difference to me here. I think the weight bearing and the movements Nico is having me do are taking the fun out of it.

Four point is my next biggest challenge. I don't like it, but I am getting better at this too.

I move my hands in a crawling patten up and then back down the wedge. I am working on transitioning from sitting to four point.

My steps are getting to be pretty good too. One foot after the other!

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