Friday, September 27, 2013

Kaufman Center - Day 11

Today I sat up big and tall in the swing, while I got ready for today's session.

I sat up big in the chair too and I looked around!! I have been much more alert in general.

I ate up all my lunch very quickly. I have been super hungry lately too.

Jessica is wrapped with how my eating is coming along. I am doing so well that today I had frozen fruits on little forks to try. I had frozen strawberries and bananas and some yummy frozen blueberries. I liked the blue berries so much that I ate four of them and chewed them up with my back teeth!! I even put them in my own mouth!

Jessica even thinks that I am not too far off sucking from a straw and we have been working on drinking this way a little bit.

We are working on so many new things right now. This is apple sauce in a squeeze pack. It is something I could perhaps feed myself. It is easy for me to grab on to and I can squeeze it. I liked it so much that I was happy to try to put it in my mouth. 

I made a nice "mm" shape with my lips on the recorder too. 

I didn't want any part of popping bubbles with my lips today though, and I let Jess know by pushing her hand away from me.

I finished off the hour in the swing. This was such a great day for me. Jessica told Mummy that speech is a real possibility for me for me now! At the very least single words! This is something that Mummy never dared dream was possible. One day I might be able to say Mummy, Daddy or Corey!

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