Friday, September 20, 2013

Kaufman Center - Day 8

 Jessica was away today and I had a different lady. Her name is Jeanette. We started on the swing again.

 She was a little bit different and I was very uncooperative! I did let her dip my Z-Vibe in yoghurt, but nothing else that she needed to do, so she moved me back to the swing.

 I could get used to this swing! After about 5 mins of swinging, she tried again.

 But as you might be able to tell by this photo, I still wouldn't play with her. She had lots of different food for me to try too.

 I spent at least 20 mins swinging again with a chewy tube. This is where we finished the hour.

 These are some of the chewy tubes and other things that we use every day.

Some of these are sprayed with a sour spray. The sourness can be felt all through my mouth and is an odd sensation. I think I like it though!

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