Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kaufman Center - Day 10

 I love the swing first up in the session. It is so relaxing and good for helping me get ready to process new information.

 Jessica is having me take small chunks of banana off a little fork. She is putting it right to the back of my teeth and having me give it a big chew

 I listen to some sensory intergration music, and I am chewing on a celery stick all on my own!

 I took some ok sips from the straw too. It is a special one way straw that won't let the water slip back down. It means less effort for me to learn to suck.

 I am working a lot on lip movement too. By letting the bubble pop on my mouth, my lips make a nice "m" shape and my tongue automatically draws back into my mouth.

 It is Monday though, and I am a bit cranky. There was not much else I wanted to do for this session.
I spent the rest of the session in the swing with a chewy tube

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