Wednesday, September 11, 2013

TheraSuit September 2013 - Day 1

 My first day back with Nico and the therasuit therapy. I was getting warmed up with heat packs and towels. This helps to release the tightness in my muscles and get me prepared for the exercises ahead.
 The second Nico started massaging me with arnica oil, I remembered what this therapy was all about. I am super tight. I haven't done this therapy in 7 months - although it doesn't feel like that long ago.
 Nico stretched my arms and legs to help me regain a range of movement.

 Just as this was finished, Lily the therapy dog came by to encourage me.

 Then I got into the hard stuff. Today I pushed the weights with my legs.
 Mummy and Nico were very pleased to see that there were some things that I remembered from the  last block of therapy we did. I needed very little stimulation (with my left leg anyway) to move my leg to kick the ball off the table. Some of the kicks were very good and I held my leg in the outward position on my own!
 Another thing I hadn't forgotten was to rest in between exercises. It didn't help that I was a bit jet lagged. I am hoping this will pass fairly soon. Being tired makes the work harder.
 I had 4 kgs on my legs as I worked my glutes. Being my first day Nico was being nice to me. He was starting light ;)

 Then it was time to put the suit on. This one was clearly the wrong size, but we switched it over. The coloured edges were right. There is a suit to fit all sizes. I wear the smallest one.

 I did some pretty good weight bearing on my arms all on my own! No support needed. I took this opportunity to rest. Work and sleep at the same time.

 This was a new exercise for me. It is basically planking. I need to put all the pressure on my arms and lift my bottom up to activate my core muscles. Like you do when you do push ups. Eventually Nico would like me to fight him and try to move forward with my arms. This would be the start of crawling.

 This is another exercise that I did very well for my first day back. It just goes to show what I really did learn from the last therapy block. I lifted my head up with out much stimulation from Nico.

This was also something new. Walking between the parallel bars. I need to support my body weight on the side and shift myself forward. I took some ok steps too!

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